Dino Watt

My why in life is to contribute to a greater cause. How I do that is by making things simple and easy to understand. Ultimately, what I bring is a trusting relationship where others can count on me.

Whether it’s having a brief conversation about a challenge someone is having or if I am hired to train a group, my goal is always to contribute to everyone’s life in a positive and meaningful way.

A little about me. I was born and raised in southern California. It was there, at the age of 5, where I first met Shannon. We have been married since 1994. (I know! Some of you reading this were barely in grade school). We moved to Salt Lake City with our 3 kids in 2008.

My parents divorce when I was 8 made me first curious, and then later passionate about understanding how to improve relationships. I wanted to know how to communicate and connect better with people. I knew that it was the secret to success in all areas of my life.

“It’s really hard for me to look back and think of what my practice was like, what I was like, what my team was like, (actually what the “staff” was like) back then. I just want to thank you.”

Dr. Dave Datwyler, DDS

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