Uniting your team around a common vision is critical to the success of your business and research confirms this- practices with high levels of team unity have a 25% higher patient satisfaction rate.


That’s why we’re excited to bring you the


The Next Level,

led by Team Transformation Specialist Dino Watt.

Give some love to our amazing event sponsors:

Dino has been described as the "Tony Robbins" of the dental and orthodontic world. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience building stronger and more cohesive teams, and his approach to team building is both inspiring and effective.

The Team Transformation Experience launched in January 2023, and offices like Dr. Jackson Savage couldn't say enough about it:

“Dino is fantastic. He inspired my whole team to improve on a professional and personal level.”

- Dr. Jackson Savage

Tanner Schieck, Practice Director of Schieck Orthodontics, added:

“The Dino Watt Team Transformation Event is fantastic. We had 100% attendance by our team and they all stayed engaged the entire duration of the training. Our team definitely learned helpful information that we can apply to our practice, patients and ultimately ourselves.”
And the benefits go beyond just improved employee satisfaction and retention.

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that practices with high team morale had a 19% higher net profit margin compared to those with low team morale.


The Team Transformation Experience is NOT your average, run-of-the-mill, sitting in front of a laptop and watching a bunch of PowerPoint presentations. It’s an interactive broadcast experience your whole team will watch together so that you all can learn together in real-time. The entire event is specifically designed to take your team to the next level. You will be talking about it for weeks after.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you will learn during this 6-hour event:

  • Cutting-edge team-building techniques to help you unify your team around your vision
  • Proven strategies to improve communication skills, including conflict resolution, and gossip elimination
  • High-level methods on how everyone on your team can achieve more work-life balanc
  • How to increase employee satisfaction and retention by serving them according to their own support styles
  • And much more…

All of this and more for one enrollment fee for your entire team… no matter the size!

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To ensure the learning doesn’t stop once the event does, we have designed a special taking action bonus.

You know as well as I do, too often the excitement ends once the event is over. Research shows that you will forget up to 75% of what you learned in a course or training within 24 hours. It goes all the way up to 90% within a week.

The ONLY thing to stop this is if you review your notes or teach what you learned to someone else.

We are going to support you in making sure the positive effects of the event last far longer than 24 hours….even a week.


Bonus #1

52 powerful leadership videos that will be sent to you every week for an entire year. It’s our Leadership Masterclass Series and although it was made with you in mind, the value is so great, you can absolutely share it with the entire team to maximize its effectiveness.

$900 Value

Bonus #2

I have interviewed some of the top business book authors like former COO of 1-800 GOT Junk, Cameron Herold, and Co-founder of the Black Swan Group, Derick Gaunt. These interviews are full of exclusive content, great lessons, and specific action items you can do for your business and now I'm giving them to you.

$1,200 Value

Bonus #3

This one-on-one virtual strategy session will ensure the results of this information-packed event will endure way beyond our time together.

$1,500 Value

You don’t even have to wait for the event to happen to get started on your transformation.

We have created 52 powerful leadership videos that will be sent to you every week for an entire year. It’s our Leadership Masterclass Series and although it was made with you in mind, the value is so great, you can absolutely share it with the entire team to maximize its effectiveness.

You will receive your first video the Monday after you sign up for the event.

So the sooner you sign up, the faster you will start seeing the ROI on your investment. The value of these videos alone is over 4 times the investment to attend.

“Good morning Dino,
I just wanted to say that yesterday’s event was AWESOME! My team had a great time, as you could see! I love that a few of them messaged me after the event, thanking me for allowing our team to participate and for investing in them personally (of course this made me so happy)!
I really think your format was fantastic. There are so many times I want to take my team to a course, but when they are in-person and out of town, it gets so pricey that it is unaffordable. So kudos to you (and your team) for making this happen. With a team of 18, this was an amazing way for me to support my team and start the year! Please, please make this happen again next year (or even mid-way through the year).”


-Dr. Andrea Nakisher, Nakisher Orthodontics

Imagine getting multiple text messages from your team, thanking you the way Dr. Nakisher’s did.

As you can see, signing your team up for the Team Transformation Experience is a must if you want to connect, unify and celebrate your team.

This virtual event is designed to be highly interactive and engaging, so you'll get the maximum impact in just 6 hours.

Plus, with the bonus of 52 weeks of leadership videos, you'll be able to continue the training and development of your team even after the event is over. By investing in your team today, you'll be saving yourself time and money in the long run.

How much will my investment be?

When we polled the participants of the last event and asked, based on the value their team received, how much would they have paid to come to the event, the AVERAGE price was between $5,000 and $6000.

But don’t worry, even though we agree with them, if you act fast, you won’t even pay half that amount.

Because depending on when you are reading this, you can save some serious cash by acting fast.

Due to the demand, we are limiting the number of discounts we are giving for reserving your spot.

There are only 27 Extreme Early Bird seats available at the $1997 investment.

Once those are gone, there are only 23 Early Bird reservations available at $2500.

Then once those are gone it’s open reservations for $5000.

Extreme Early Bird Pricing

For the first 27 registrants


Early Bird Pricing

For the next 25 registrants


Regular Pricing


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your team and achieve your goals faster. Register for the Team Transformation Experience II event now!

It’s not rocket science to see, this is a small investment in comparison to the success you'll achieve for your practice and the goodwill, connection, and appreciation you will be showing your team. But don't wait too long – once the 27 extreme early bird specials are gone, the price goes up. No if’s, and’s, or buts.

And, yet $5000 for your entire team to attend, no matter the size, is STILL an amazing price for this event. Stop wasting time reading this page and grab your office reservation today.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your team and achieve your goals faster.

“Our team loved it! It was a great event that allowed us to focus on what we are missing in our practice. Super fun as always with Dino! “

- Brittney Franklin, Franklin Orthodontics


  • 6- Hour immersive live event with our Founder and CEO Dino Watt where you’ll define your team members’ personal missions and create a customized plan for achieving them.
  • A full day packed with entertainment and education (we call it edutainment!)
  • Broadcasts from a state-of-the-art studio with multiple cameras for a truly interactive experience.
  • 1 special international speaker, who will both shock and surprise you.
  • 4 hours of CE Credit
  • All the prizes, contests, and giveaways needed to make this a fantastic party.
  • And one ticket gets access to your ENTIRE TEAM!

Friday, June 16th, 2023 is a date you will remember as we refocus on your goals and realign with your team in the most high-energy team event ever!!

Meet Your Host


Your host is no stranger to entertainment that educates. For the past decade, Dino has made it his mission to help business leaders and their team members gain more in their personal and professional lives. Always looking for new ways to engage and educate his audiences, Dino has traveled the globe sharing his unique style of humor and human connection. It’s not uncommon for Dino to have audiences literally dancing along with Dino while learning an important business and life principle. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Influencive Magazine, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and more, Dino is dedicated to taking every event to the next level and leaving the audience wanting more.

You’re getting your employees to come in on a Friday, and I know that’s a big ask. But I guarantee that every team member will leave thinking “That was the most fun, engaging, interactive event I’ve ever been to.”

More importantly, they’ll leave ready to work together with you to achieve your goals. And for stress reduction alone, that is priceless.

Nobody has experienced anything like this in our industry. Join the 2023 Team Transformation Experience and make this year the best year ever for your team!

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